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ManMade: Dog-Tags x5


ManMade Dog-Tags are available to recognise completion of ManMade.



ManMade Dog-Tag’s

ManMade Dog-Tags are available to recognise completion of ManMade. The Dog-Tags should be awarded at the homecoming event and should act as a continuous reminder of the core values.

This should also be seen as an opportunity for the church fellowship to demonstrate its commitment to youth work and interest in young people.



The Rites of Passage Experience

The Rites of Passage Experience offers time out to go away after completion of the ManMade sessions. This follows anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep’s research who coined the term ‘rites of passage’ and identified three clear stages:

1. Separation

Take your group away for a weekend or at least 24 hours. Ideally, this trip should involve leaving your local area, although you may adapt the programme for a sleepover style event in a hall.

2. Transition

The programme includes a set of trials linked to the six core values which concludes with a period of silence and a verbal promise to live as young men.

3. Re-integration

Ideally, for Christian groups, they should arrive back in time for Sunday worship, so that they are ‘re-integrated’ into their church community and recognised as being on their journey into adulthood. For other groups it would be good to have some occasion where this recognition can be made. (Note: where the young men are drawn from mixed sex groups we strongly recommend that an alternative is made available for the girls.)

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm