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“Boys rarely mark the transition into manhood,
they simply drift into adult life”.

In a society where manhood is rarely understood, ManMade is a resource to help teenage lads become young men. Boys rarely mark the transition into manhood, they simply drift into adult life. ManMade is a resource that unpacks this transition with six core values, based on the life of Jesus.

– Six sessions with more than 20 hours of material to choose from.
– A DVD resource with voxpops.
– More than 30 resource sheets on disc.
– Reflections on core values from the life of Jesus.
– Stacks of ideas to customise a rites of passage experience.

Written by Darren Quinnell and produced by SJI, ManMade combines practical activities and discussion starters within a Biblical framework. The course gives teenage boys a coming of age experience, with significance that speaks directly into their lives.

Plus session forwards from…
Matt Summerfield (Urban Saints), Andy Croft (Soul Survivor), Phil Lund (Boys Brigade), Carl Beech (CVM), Jason Gardner (LICC) and Gavin Calver (YFC)

The Course

ManMade’s six sessions are built around the core values of Passion, Humility, Courage, Respect, Control and Responsibility.

Each value can be explored indoors (MADEReal) or during a field trip (MADEWild). Leaders can mix and match so that activities are selected that suit their group. The Rites of Passage Experience then offers an opportunity to complete the process by taking time out from everyday life.


There is sufficient choice of content to suit a wide variety of groups. You could profitably spend two hours per session, although it would be possible to select options that enable completion in a minimum of sixty minutes. Make your choices in line with your group’s abilities. BUT, this flexibility needs to be used carefully so as to ensure that the aims of ManMade are achieved. It would be possible to spend far too long on the ‘fun’ activities and miss out on the opportunity to encourage thought and enable young people to make positive life choices. The essential sections are Get Connected and Man of the World.

Each MadeReal session has six sections:

Warmin’ Up: Choose from 4 activities that introduce and illustrate the session’s core value.

Get Connected: Show the Voxpops or print out the Scenarios.

Men of the World: Debate each core value using personality profiles of well- known men.

Man of the Word: Reflect upon the core value with an exploration of the character of Jesus.

Makin’ the Point: Use an interactive activity to consolidate learning.

Join the journey: Helps the core value to become a reality for each young person with activities to do before the next session.


Alternatively, these values can be explore through six MADEWild excursions. Through MADEWild your ManMade groups can gain practical interaction with the session value. Rather than learning through activities, films or worksheets, each field trip outing will provide physical knowledge within the value, allowing your group to experience the value first hand and gain understanding of its true meaning for their lives.


Sample Download

Download the ManMade sample and get the first 22 pages of the ManMade resource to try out within your youth group. Included in the ManMade sample is Contents, Forward, Intro and Session One of ManMade – “Passion”.

Download ManMade sample HERE

The Rites of Passage Experience

The Rites of Passage Experience offers time out to go away after completion of the ManMade sessions. This follows anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep’s research who coined the term ‘rites of passage’ and identified three clear stages:

1. Separation

Take your group away for a weekend or at least 24 hours. Ideally, this trip should involve leaving your local area, although you may adapt the programme for a sleepover style event in a hall.

2. Transition

The programme includes a set of trials linked to the six core values which concludes with a period of silence and a verbal promise to live as young men.

3. Re-integration

Ideally, for Christian groups, they should arrive back in time for Sunday worship, so that they are ‘re-integrated’ into their church community and recognised as being on their journey into adulthood. For other groups it would be good to have some occasion where this recognition can be made. (Note: where the young men are drawn from mixed sex groups we strongly recommend that an alternative is made available for the girls.)

ManMade Dog-Tag’s

ManMade Dog-Tags are available to recognise completion of ManMade. The Dog-Tags should be awarded at the homecoming event and should act as a continuous reminder of the core values.

This should also be seen as an opportunity for the church fellowship to demonstrate its commitment to youth work and interest in young people.

Buy ManMade Products

Please note: ManMade items can currently only be shipped to the UK (ManMade: Digital will soon be available for download across in all regions and areas)


We will process your orders as quickly as possible but please bear in mind your order can take up to 10 working days to be processed and delivered.

Bulk Orders
ManMade works in partnership with bookshops to deliver and supply customers with copies of the ManMade manual. If you are an organisation or bookshop wishing to sell ManMade in your store, please contact Darren Quinnell directly to arrange a bulk sell or sell and return.

Darren Quinnell (who wrote MaMade) is also a pioneer and public speaker based Oxford; he loves seeing young people encounter Jesus and learn about the Christian faith.Through engaging, passionate storytelling, Darren is able to bring the Bible alive while also captivating young people with the life of Jesus.

With over 17 years of experience in youth work, mission, communication and ministry, Darren will inspire any youth group or church he visits!

Darren is happy to meet for coffee, chat through youth ministry or even guest speak at your event. Feel free to get in touch!

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